Prospering together.

The chance of a career perspective plays a central role as we know our success rests on the performance of our employees. We have the view that the personality of our employees is just as important as professional qualifications. We are therefore continually on the lookout for those people who would suit us and vice versa.

From day one you are a part of ZIEFLE UNGER. Our open and motivated team wants to develop together with you and together follow the road to success. Our modern and generously laid out office premises in the attractive centre of the Freudenstadt and Nagold business locations create a suitable atmosphere in which to realize these objectives.

We are, to a great extent, interested in new colleagues who either have experience or who are at the start of their career, especially those who show the potential of being a partner in the future. Should you be able to contribute entrepreneurial thinking and a marked team spirit besides good legal qualifications then please get in contact with us.

We would be very pleased to get to know you even during your studies or within the scope of your internship. It is particularly important in this early phase to make the right decisions for the future. We would be pleased to assist you.

Besides those pursuing a career, other qualified personnel are indispensable for a law firm focused on civil and corporate law. We give you a perspective for the future e.g. to qualify as a legal administrator.

The current positions available are listed in the PDF download in the right-hand column.

There are various ways of submitting your application. Apply by post, email or via the ZIEFLE UNGER online applicant portal.

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