Wenn du im Recht bist,
kannst du dir leisten,
die Ruhe zu bewahren;
und wenn du im Unrecht bist,
kannst du dir nicht leisten,
sie zu verlieren.

Mahatma Gandhi

Alexander Knittel


Nagold +49 (0) 74 52/9 19 99-13
Freudenstadt +49 (0) 74 41/91 00-10

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Alexander Knittel advises in all areas of individual and collective employment law and in the area of buliding law. His practice predominantly covers the private building and architect law.

He already focused on business law at the time of his studies at the university of Tübingen, as he chose that as his core subject. During his legal internship ,Alexander Knittel gained profounded experience at the area of individual labour law at the labour court in Stuttgart and the respective legal practice at ZIEFLE UNGER.

Alexander Knittel has been a lawyer for ZIEFLE UNGER since November 2014.

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